4 Reasons to Hire a Business Consultant

Dusk is falling rapidly, marking the end of yet another brutal day of hustling for you as a leader in a small and medium company; You start scratching your hair or the scattered remains of it while hoping to put your business affairs into order. You have many (Questions) yet few (Answers), and as a result, you ask one more question that you don’t have an answer to: Should I hire a business consultant?

To answer this question, it is vital to understand what value a consultant can provide to the client; Killing Strategy: The Disruption Of Management Consulting report proposed that a consultant provide the client with I.E.I.E.:


Therefore, to answer your business questions, you must have the following: Information, Expertise, Insight, & Execution. Now, let’s dive together in the “Answer my Q matrix” to help you answer “THE Q”: Should I hire a business consultant?


“Answer My Q” Matrix depicts 4 Quadrants:

  • Execute: You know the question, and you have all the necessary tools to answer it. All you need is pure execution. So, would you consider hiring at this stage? I would if: I don’t have the adequate time to execute, and I will not be able to meet a    crucial  deadline or  if I have the time but my opportunity cost is high. Opportunity cost is what you can’t  do as a result of pursuing an alternative. Hence, I would hire a consultant;Although I can do it, the cost of doing it outweighs the gains.

  • Investigate: You have many valuable observations and data, but you are unable to form actionable insights. Therefore, you seek a consultant to ask the right question to connect between the dots.

  • Solve: You know what you are seeking to answer, but you lack either the expertise or the adequate data required to answer that question.

  • Explore: This is where the consultant helps you in exploring possibilities. By utilizing his/her specific knowledge, asking the right questions, and leveraging available data, he/she can explore new viable possibilities. Bonus: Some businesses can benefit from exploring as a way to add a healthy dose of objectivity.

Feeling overwhelmed by hard business Questions that you demand answers to?

Feeling stuck in one of these Quadrants and would like to break-free?

Are you determined to knock one more challenge out of your way?

If you answered Yes to one of these questions, then Workhint will help you.

Q: What is Workhint?

A Marketplace that connects SMEs with independent Business consultants.

Q: How does it work?

  1. You post your Project.
  2. We match you with the right consultants considering both your business’s industry and the expertise required to solve your challenge.


Q: Can I interact with consultants before hiring them?

Most certainly. You can chat with the consultants, and call them within one platform.

Let us help you solve your challenge; Post Your Project NOW!








































































































































Modern way to create your legacy

We live in a world full of changes, and everyone is competing to be the best at what he/she does. Competition in business is not easy, and it takes efforts, connections, and hard work to achieve.

But with today technologies, everything is possible. It all depends on your hard work. If you are in a country with limited job opportunity, you can have access and work with consumers from all over the world online. All you need is a computer with internet connection.

As a provider, your Workhint profile is like your own services store. You can sell minutes to provide online face-to-face consultancy, create online evens to provide group visual consultancy, and create services posts to sell your services and E-products.

All in one.You don’t need to use a third party technology
Workhint provide managing tools & video conferencing technology
Workhint manage all transactions processing
Workhint take care of payments and money distributions
Delivering professional work should be your only concerned. This way, you will be able to create an online legacy based on the work you provide.