Modern way to create your legacy

We live in a world full of changes, and everyone is competing to be the best at what he/she does. Competition in business is not easy, and it takes efforts, connections, and hard work to achieve.

But with today technologies, everything is possible. It all depends on your hard work. If you are in a country with limited job opportunity, you can have access and work with consumers from all over the world online. All you need is a computer with internet connection.

As a provider, your Workhint profile is like your own services store. You can sell minutes to provide online face-to-face consultancy, create online evens to provide group visual consultancy, and create services posts to sell your services and E-products.

All in one.You don’t need to use a third party technology
Workhint provide managing tools & video conferencing technology
Workhint manage all transactions processing
Workhint take care of payments and money distributions
Delivering professional work should be your only concerned. This way, you will be able to create an online legacy based on the work you provide.


How to earn a living online

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How to earn a living online

The question is why don’t people provide their services online if most of their services don’t requires physical interaction with their clients ?

Here is the good news. Now people can provide any service that doesn’t need physical interaction to their clines on Workhint Marketplace.

How to get started? It’s as simple as filling out your qualifications and price, and you are ready to use Workhint tools to promote your services to any person with a laptop and an internet connection. You will have international clients instead of local clients.

What is Workhint tools ?

1. Video Conferencing: set up a price per minute and people can buy video call minutes from you to teach them your skills.

2. Online Interactive Events: You can create an event and people can buy tickets to attend it online. And when the event time comes, enter button will appear and you can enter the event and interact with guest visually.

3. Provide a service for a fixed cost, and when you get an order, deliver it using Workhint attaching and messaging tools.

4. Make offers on requested services, and some one might order your offer.

How great is that !!?

Workhint Marketplace Description Video

This Video Explains Workhint marketplace tools.

In Workhint, you have tools to teach people new skills online :

1. Video conferencing.

2. Online Interactive events.

In Workhint, you can also:

1. Provide a service for a fixed cost, and deliver it using Workhint attaching tools.

2. You also can make offers on requested services.

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